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Algonquin Park

Winter camping is both a challenging and rewarding experience, with a variety of destinations to explore in southern and central Ontario. One of the most popular destinations is Algonquin Park. Located two and a half hours drive from Toronto, this park features a variety of rich landscapes and terrains to suit all level of difficulty.

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“Algonquin in the winter is perhaps the most beautiful park in all of Ontario. Even through the cold you are surrounded by so much wildlife! Animal tracks...” [read more]

Current Conditions

Sunrise: 6:45am
Sunset: 8:10pm

Alerts: none

Featured Trip

Durham Bike Tour

Every year on the May long weekend, the Weekend Warriors group hosts the Durham Bike Tour, a three day and two night circuit of the greater Durham region. This moderate difficulty trip brings the participants to popular outdoor features as well as hidden places that few eyes have seen. [read more]

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