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Algonquin Park

The essence of Algonquin is in its vast interior of maple hills, rocky ridges, and thousands of lakes. The only way to explore the interior of this park is by canoe or on foot.

The Corridor

There is also a second Algonquin along the 56 kilometre stretch of Highway 60. Here you can enjoy camping at one of eight campgrounds, hike one of 14 trails, take part in extensive Natural Heritage Education programs, and visit Algonquin’s exceptional Visitor Centre, Logging Museum and Art Centre.

The Wolf Pack

For over 50 years, each Thursday in August, park staff have offered the “Public Wolf Howl”, a highly engaging program on wolf ecology that includes howljng for wolves. Weather and wildlife dependent. Check for details on park events.


One of the reasons for Algonquin’s popularity is the variety of choices offered in the park for camping and recreation. There are essentially two Algonquins to choose from; the vast backcountry as well as the developed campgrounds.

The backcountry offers both backpacking trails as well as canoe routes which provide a very rugged and primitive camping experience.

In contrast, the Highway 60 developed areas offer eight car campgrounds and range of services. These camping experiences place visitors within a short drive to interpretive trails, the Visitor Centre, Logging Museum, restaurants, lodges, outfitting stores, picnic areas and beaches. For more detailed information about the many different areas of Algonquin, please refer to the other Algonquin listings.


New to Algonquin Park are dedicated bike routes throughout the park. With a variety of difficulties and terrains, Algonquin has something for everyone.

The backcountry off of Highway 60 features many paths for day trips, as well as extended journies into the interior. Special routes have been developed with the rider in mind.

The northern sections of the park have fewer routes suitable for biking, but feature a much higher level of difficulty and incredible rewards. Algonquin invites you to come and experience the park as you've never experienced it before.


One of the best ways to explore the park is through the waterways of the interior. With countless kilometers of lakes and rivers, Algonquin is unmatched in the variety of waterway access.

Many routes feature placid corridors for beginners, as well as white water rapids for those of more advanced skill.

Campgrounds for paddling trips are clearly marked and conveniently located along the interior of the park. Many of the best vistas and sceneries can only be experienced from the water.