Verdant Junction is a redesign of a website for a local business. This concept focuses on a narrative using a parallax layout.

What I Did:

  • brand development
  • target market analysis
  • wireframes
  • logo designs
  • website code (html/css)
  • website copy (written)


Verdant Junction started as a collaborative project with a focus on re-branding a local business. The group created personas to identify a target audience, as well as a marketing strategy. After this foundation, we individually created a new marketing plan.

Read the marketing plan.

Branding and Wireframes:

Next came work on taking a basic idea into a more concise brand. A logo was created to develop the brand and its personality. Wireframes were also created to identify site hierarchy.

See the wireframes.

Designs and Layouts:

Multiple Designs were created in photoshop to establish the brand identity. A parallax effect was chosen to illustrate the narrative of the company.

Original Design Alternate Design

< Code >

The Code was then written using HTML 5, CSS, and Javascript/JQuery plugins.

< /Code >