escape is a conceptual website developed as a hub for those who are interested in adventure travel in southern and central Ontario.

What I Did:

  • brand development
  • target market analysis
  • wireframes
  • logo designs
  • responsive layout
  • website code (html/css)
  • website copy (written)


escape began with a personal interest in outdoor adventure travel. With a basic idea in mind, a marketing plan was developed to formalize the concept and identify a target audience.

Read the marketing plan.

Branding and Wireframes:

Next came work on taking a basic idea into a more concise brand. Logo ideas and mood boards were created to develop the brand and its personality. Wireframes were also created to identify site hierarchy.

Mood Boards Logo Designs Wireframes

Designs and Layouts:

Desiging the layouts in photoshop required special attention to the branding, as well as the objective of making the site responsive. Choosing a fixed width design for multiple media queries allows this complicated site to be usable at various screen sizes.

Desktop Layout Tablet Layout Phone Layout

< Code >

The Final task was to code the project. Using HTML 5, CSS, and Javascript and JQuery plugins, the site came together over several weeks of production.

< /Code >