Music for the Masses is an online learning website developed to be responsive to a variety of screen sizes.

What I Did:

  • brand development
  • wireframes
  • logo designs
  • responsive layout
  • website code (html/css)
  • website copy (written)


Music for the Masses was focused on developing a website layout that is fluid across a variety of screen sizes, while still maintaining a strong sense of information heirarchy and usability.

Branding and Wireframes:

A Music Theme was chosen and an art-deco inspired style and logo design were developed to communicate the brand identity. Wireframes were created to develop the heirarchy of information.

See the wireframes

Designs and Layouts:

Designs were created in photoshop to layout the information across the different screen sizes.

Desktop Layouts Tablet Layouts Phone Layouts


The Code was written with a fluid design in mind. The markup focused on simple HTML and CSS without any dependencies on JS or JQuery to minimize load times.