The McGill Centre for Integrated Neuroscience constitutes the neuroinformatics component of the recently launched Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics and Mental Health.

This website features dynamic content built upon a Wordpress CMS.

The Ludmer Centre aims to become the center for neuroinformatics, genetics and epigenetics (big data) research and training.

The website is built upon a Wordpress CMS.

Loris (Longitudinal Online Research and Imaging System) is a web-based data and project management software for neuroimaging research studies. It is an OPEN SOURCE framework for storing and processing behavioural, clinical, neuroimaging and genetic data.

Montreal Alzheimers Research for a Cure is an organization committed to finding a cure for Alzheimer disease through the support of research.

The MARC initiative is a collaboration with the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI), The Jewish General Hospital (JGH), and the Reitman Family Foundation.

The CCC-Axis is a collaboration between Cuba, China, and Canad. The CCC-Axis takes advantage of complementary strengths and commonalities from the three partners to forge an integrated computational framework for data-sharing and joint analysis of clinical research data.

case study

escape is a conceptual website developed as a hub for those who are interested in adventure travel in southern and central Ontario.

A comprehensive case study from business concept to final execution across multiple screen sizes.

modern responsive

High Street Optical is a one-page web solution for a local business. The site features strong layout to deliver information about the business and what they offer.


MUSIC FOR THE MASSES is an online learning website that features a responsive layout designed to accommodate for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.



kenjutsu class info

OAKVILLE KENJUTSU is a group dedicated to the study of the classical art of Japanese swordsmanship. Please visit the website for class times and information.

survive the night

zombie game

survive the night is a game created in Edge Animate using html, css, and Javascript/JQuery. See if you have what it takes to survive a night after the zombie apocalypse.


Apple Watch is a conceptual mini-website to advertise the Apple Watch in a unique way, while staying true to the company brand.


Verdant Junction is a redesign of a website for a local business. This concept focuses on a narrative using a parallax layout.


expLORE is a website designed to deliver a large amount of written information to the user.


Svastha Organic Foods is a website designed to appeal to a target audience by creating a brand identity.

additional work

MY GALLERY displays examples of addiional work including 3D modelling and rendering, illustrations, sculptures, and other artwork.